Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Products I Love

Nestle just came out with a natural coffee creamer...

It has literally only 4 ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and natural flavor. When they say natural flavor (ex. vanilla) they dry out a vanilla bean and then take the flavor from those seeds. I learned about this in my thursdays bible study and compared it to the usually fat free coffee mate I was buying and never realized what was in the other kind. The natural bliss is kinda rich so a little goes a long ways.

Another product (and brand) that I have been introduced to by Mrs. Pantling is this old country styled muesli. You can buy a 4 pack 18oz on Amazon for $16 (good deal). Here they are only $3.50 a piece since its on a military pricing but its very good. She told me to use it on top of cobblers or mixed into granola for a heartier healthier meal. I good!
He also has some gluten free Cornbread mix which is amazing! I am a Jiffy cornbread mix but his is so moist and sweet...

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