Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

This weekend was so wonderful! In fact, Jake mentioned this morning that this week has been so great. I asked him what made this week stand out so much and he simply said, "Because you laughed everyday." It made me realize a lot.
I had been so down before this year and did not realize how if affected the both of us. I partially blame it on my birth control that I was taking and seriously believed it changed much of my personality. I also know that I let situations determine my attitude and how ugly that must have made me appear.

Friday I spent the afternoon up at the Pantlings talking about legos and Mario Brothers with the four boys and drank tea with Veronica while jake was climbing all over me and completely embarrasing me because he was not being obediant whatsoever. I made a banana nut bread made out of my homemade applesauce, agave, bananas, and eggs. No sugar, oil, or butter and it was soooooo sweet and good!
Saturday Jake took me shopping for Valentines Day at the Executive Chef! We got some jams and 4 beautiful coffee cups! We went to Elvins Bakery and had turkey sandwhiches with avacodo and just walked around Kailua and window shopped. It was perfect.
Saturday night we went to the Lt. Dan Band's concert held here on base and it was SO FUN!

us sitting with a thousand other marines and their families-perfection-

Gary Sinise getting his groove on in the middle
They played all these cover songs and we just stood and sang with them! The place was packed! We were right up front with all the crazy people and dancing  and singing like no one cared! When the alcohol started flowing freely and people started dancing all up on Jake we decided to leave haha. Gary Sinise was so awesome! He played that base like no other and danced with everyone. Nothing like I imagined him to be.
The guys behind us kept yelling ou icecream at him ALL NIGHT and kept asking why his legs came back...I couldn't stop laughing.
We came back and stayed up till 12 oclock and danced in the kitchen for a little bit to welcome our anniversary :) Jake is so wonderful.
This morning we decided to go to brunch at our favorite island resturant (Haliewa Joes) and enjoyed a luxury and huge breakfast! -thanks again Robert and Jacque!-

this view never gets old

It was so wondeful. We got some beautiful cards from my family and have relaxed the rest of the day. We are waiting to finish this perfect day off with Once Upon a Time :)

I found a cute idea on pinterest for a picture to take on each anniversary so we started that today.

I think it will be super cute. I think I need a haircut tho... it keeps getting longer and longer! We are holding a picture that was taken on our dinner cruise last year on our anniversary so next year we will hold this picture in a picture frame and keep going.
Jake wanted the pic. in the back of his truck... of course haha
Hope everyone had as great as a weekend as we did!

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  1. What a fun time :) LOVE the picture idea. So happy for you guys!