Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am so excited that it is November! I love how Jake has days off from work, that we are having Heath come out for Thanksgiving, that CHRISTMAS decorations are coming up, and that it is mine and Sarah's birthday.
I already have decided on what treats and meals I want to have around the house. I am currently working on making some homemade apple sauce froms skinnytastes.com made using the crockpot.

The only reason I haven't made it yet is because I love how all the different colors of apples brightens up our kitchen :)
I went yesterday and bought some Mason Jars and am hopefully going to make some creative ways in packaging some of my treats for gifts to some of my friends here.

We had to take Jake back Sunday :(
But he loved the ride...

I seriously prayed to God before we left that He would allow Jake to speak to his owners and tell them how much he wants to stay with us....I was very serious. I love how the backseat of the truck easily folds up also! It can come in major use for future children ;)

I loved going over to Veronica's house and her teaching me how to make an apple pie from scratch. That woman is all about organic and pure foods so it was really interesting using all of her supplies. WE LOVED the pie! It was the freshest apple pie I had ever eaten and will more than likely fix this pie this way for now on. The crust was kinda difficult to fold and roll because we did use whole wheat but if you work fast, it shouldn't be as hard.

We used little leaf cut outs for the top crust. She inspired me to go out and find some for my own. She had every fall leaf imaginable but I only bought a maple and oak leaf.
They invited us out Sunday night for a cookout which was so nice. I love having cook outs with my family and thought it was so kind of them to think of us. It was a little different from our usual Driscoll cookout because the food was all whole wheat, non-fat, and vege made but it was still good. Jake even got to have some braut worst. They are a VERY old fashioned family. They have 4 homeschooled boys who are VERY smart. They are not allowed to watch a lot of television also. They record their shows on a VHS recorder so that they can block out the commercials. They also do not believe in anything about Halloween and went on to inform me about all the paganism that is involved. VERY well mannered boys tho. 

Jake and I are trying out a new church. It is kinda akward trying to tell that to people from our church here. We....I mostly...began to feel to pressured in a lot of areas there and still had not made close relationships to people around my age. Just a different step in our life.

I think we may put up Christmas next week....I convinced Jake this morning that it wasn't too early :) I have even began working on a Christmas wreath

It may be a little lame compared to my Arkansas wreath but at least I have attempted at it!
I am LOVING this tea I found at the commissary called Twingiings


  1. what a beautiful pie crust! love that idea. I will be praying for Jake to speak to his owners as well ;) love ya! happy fall!

  2. Yay! Thanks for the early Christmas Decorating inspiration :D You're turning in to quite the little wifey with your handmade apple pies. Go you! You are your mothers child. haha