Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am probley the happiest person on this Marine base today! Last night was my book club at the Pantling's house. First off, I want to say how much I enjoy going over to their house. Her family lives on Ford Island in the Pearl Harbor area and she actually lives in one of the houses that was from the WWll times. It is a BEAUTIFUL home. Imagine a little beach cottage in your head and thats what it looks like. Complete with a sun room and white bricked fireplace.
Oh, and did I mention their front yard is the sunken USS Utah?
Anywase, when I arrived there I was greeted by her and her wonderful two youngest boys and the rest of the nice women in the club. As usual, I go look for Jake who gets put up during our meetings and I just loved on him for awhile. When we got all situated with our hot cups of apple cider and warm homemade oatmeal cookies, Veronica decides to let Jake out of his pen. There was probley 9-10 ladies there all in front of me and whistling and calling out Jake's name. He runs right passed them and tries to jump into my small little chair (ooops...I still haven't told her we allow him on all of our furniture...)! He then precedes to ignore each other nice lady and is completly contempt in laying his precious little head in my lap for the next 2 hours. Veronica announces how much it would help out her husband if we could watch him this weekend and I was all for that! After awhile she still notices this beautiful animal all over me and says that we could watch him all week if we want! I knew my Jake would be so excited if I came home with a little suprise guest.
He was :)
Low and Behold he runs upstairs and sprawls out right in the middle of our bed with Jake and I on both sides with our arms wrapped around his huge middle!
Complete Perfection
So today we go out for a good walk around the neighborhood so he can mark his old territory and played a few rounds of fetch.
He is simply beautiful.


Look at that precious face...
 Earlier today, Veronica called me and asked if I want to come over Thursday and make some pumpkin and apple pies! I was really excited and told her I would go into town to buy the crust and pie filling.
Let me just tell you this woman is the complete essence of Home and Garden; as well as, Country Living and Martha Stewart.
She almost laughs and says, "Emily, we don't use pie filling from cans in this house! Go pick up some Gala Apples and Granny Smiths. We'll talk about the crusts later."
I'm going to be there all day. BUT, will be coming home with a made from scratch apple pie for my sweet husband.

I finally took some pictures of my Harvest tree!

To me, it just adds so much to the room. But this picture is helped by Jake also.
2 months from today will be Christmas!

I am still working on my homework and still very much dislike school but now that I am actually starting my two projects, the load is getting slightly less pressurizing. I think thats a word.
Anywase, hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday! I certainly am!

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  1. I love your harvest tree! and that dog is picture perfect!!! =) what a sweetie! glad you have him to add some furry joy to your life!! =)