Sunday, November 20, 2011

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It seriously is the most wonderful time of the year when November decides to come around! I love the time spent with family and the Christmsa movies, music, atmosphere, wrapping, eating, playing, and just spending quality time with one another and making wonderful memories!

I have been trying to think of some traditions that we do as a Driscoll family when Christmas comes around. Each Christmas Eve we watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People with my daddy because for some reason that must be is favorite Christmas movie....which it isn't at all....and then we all head on over to the candle light service at church. I love when all the lights are out and we are just singing Silent Night with everyone's candle lit and my sisters and I trying not to spill wax on our clothes or one another. We then go over to my grandparents house where we have spent the last 23 and 25 years of our life on Christmsa Eve. Afterwards, we head back home and change into our matching jim jams and wait for the morning! We have to wait and sit on the stairs until mom and dad are ready and then we run downstairs and start the day!

I will be heading home on Dec. 13 (happy birthday Chanel!) and will see everyone on the 14th. There is a huge downfall of this wonderful time however....
It's called being in the military.....

I love my husband more than anything in this entire world. We have yet to be able to create our own holiday traditions and I am hoping we can start this year on some. Two years ago we were able to spend Thanksgiving together out in Waikiki and shared a glass of pineapple juice for breakfast. At the time Jake announced that for every Thanksgiving we have pineapple juice for breakfast. I am hopeing to continue that small tradition this year. It is hard because we both love our families very much and are trying to learn balance and commitment for the holidays. We both have different traditions and ways of doing things that I never had really thought of until this year. Between all of the wonderful moments and time spent with our familes, I still hope we will be able to find time with just one another and create special memories and traditions for our own little family.
Maybe we can drink apple juice for Christmas morning? lol
Being in the military makes you feel SO BLESSED when a holiday comes around and you get to spend it with your spouse. After spending countless birthdays, thanksgivings, and christmas's away from one another, I feel so overjoyed that this year we will spend them together!

This week is THANKSGIVING!
What are ya'lls plans? My turkey is defrosting, the house is decorated and smells of Christmas, Arkansas is going to woop some behind, groceries are all bought, house is clean, and we not only have one special guest but TWO for the Thanksgiving! This morning and last night I prayed to God that Veronica would ask us to keep jake this week. I don't know why I felt the urge to specifically pray for that desire of my heart but I brought it before the Lord. It 'may' seem absurd and stupid but to me, it would be such a wonderful gift! So...we headed into church and sat behind their family. During the greeting time she came up to me and seriously asked me if we would mind keeping him over Thanksgiving? She is having a few families over and it would help her to have one less thing to worry about! I wanted to just cry of excitement. Of course I said Yes! I went back to my seat and was just awed by how God blesses us in such specific ways some times!? I have my book club tomorrow night and can't wait to learn with the other women. I am making some beautiful new friendships there and learning so much.

Heath arrives Tuesday and Wednesday we will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Maybe we can go to the dog park when Jake is at work and Heath can see how spectacular and perfect this dog really is! Seriously, this dog is way better than any beach or waterfall here anywase! ;)

Tonight is Sunday so of course we have been watching our Sunday shows and just relaxing. My friend came over today for just a short while but it was so great seeing her!
Mom finished my stocking!!!! It is so beautiful. She is sending it to me tomorrow so hopefully I'll get before the week is over. My Yankee candles should be here tomorrow. Finally!

Jake has been wanting Call of Duty MW3 and I have just been cringing with the thought of having to yet again buy a video game. Jacque, I feel so sorry for you! He brought a box load full of games when we moved here! I guess it is my turn now. BUT, he knew how much I didn't want to spend on the game. To me, you spend all that money and Jake seriously beats the game the day he buys it!!?? So he did probley the kindest and humblest thing he could have done. He gathered all of his games and went to Game Stop to trade them in so we wouldn't have to buy any new ones. Lets just say he gets the next 3 new games for free and then some!!! How romantic and thoughtful was that?
I have lost my husband for the past 2 days due to the extreme awesomeness of this game but thats ok because I know he really cares for me more than his video games.... :)

Well I am off for now, I'm going to go finish my new book and watch Iron Chef: Super Chefs! Great show by the way!

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