Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall is Here

So I am updating my blog because apparently I have not been posting enough for my mom! lol
Recently I have been on a schedual each day and for some reason haven't found the time to blog.

7-7:30  Wake up and make Jake's and my breakfast
7:30-9  Do Homework
9-11:15  Clean around the house, call a family member, more homework, and change into something else
11:30-1:00  Jake's home for lunch break
1-2:00  Work on more homework, clean
2-4:00  Craft, ...hmmm what do I do.... prepare dinner
4-8:30  Eat dinner and hang out with Jake then go to bed

Pretty interesting huh?
I am really excited about my new Christmas wreath! Jake has a 4 day weekend coming up so we are going to wait till then to put everything up. I still need a few things to make the house have that special atmosphere. I would love some garland and some bath decor but hates to spend so much money on everything.
I am freaking out about not being able to find a push button turkey....

We had a great weekend.
Jake took me out Friday night. We went to the NEX on Pearl Harbor and went Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. He then took me out to Chilis! So glad they have one here. Chilis is soooo good.

Jake then signed us up for an AMAZING marraige conference for Saturday morning from 8-12. It was so good. I learned so much and it really helped me understand some things I am learning from my book club.
I made some DELICOUS apple sauce and will post the recipe soon.

We went back to our church this morning. We have been a little 'iffy' about the nondenominational church we were attending and both Jake and I felt certain feelings that were telling us that it may not be the best place for us. I believe in the Southern Baptist doctrine and we may seem very 'strict' in certain beliefs then others. Me in particular. I have just always been that way. I see things in black and white and gray areas make me very uncomfortable.

Elton John will be in Oahu Jan. 30.
It costs $250 to sit in the very last row of this huge stadium to see him.

Pioneer Woman went to Fort Smith this week.
I wasn't there.

I am kinda stressed out about the Thanksgiving week preparations. I never have had to do this before. I am kinda excited because I really do enjoy cooking and am excited about the smells, Macy's Day Parade, movies, and football games but I am not looking forward to cooking this 'right now' nonexistent turkey.

Anywase......we are sitting here watching the "Last Days of Osama Bin Laden" and it's pretty interestings so I am kinda distracted.

I will write more hopefully tomorrow!
Love you momma :)

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