Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Monday

Hello world,

I am sitting here knowing I should be reading and doing homework but I noticed that I haven't blogged for a little while and thought that may be more important :)

We had a very relaxing 4 day weekend! We put up Christmas Thursday. Friday, we went and bought some flowers and replanted some in our garden. I hate that my flowers are always dieing....or getting ate up by bees. Saturday we woke up and I made some Blueberry Lemon pancakes. Jake was so awesome and cleaned the entire garage! We came back upstairs, had some chicken speghetti, and skyped with his family during the game. Sunday we went to church and then did absolutley nothing the rest of the day.

Wait. Have you guys ever seen Hell on Wheels? It is so awesome! I saw the advertisements for it and just knew that it was created for Jake. We watch the Walking Dead at 4, then Hell of Wheels at 5, then watch our recorded Iron Super Chef afterwards. I love Sunday nights! haha.

I'm telling you, we lead a really exciting life here on Oahu.

We are trying to come up with some ideas for over the holiday week next week. I am going to be in this kitchen most of the time so I have been trying to clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. The Pioneer Woman has a really good detailed schedual for her Thanksgiving week and it helped me out some. I am praying that my mom lives forever because I def. don't think I will ever do as good as a job that she does in her Thanksgiving meals. She always looks so pretty when she is in the kitchen cooking :)
I see them in one month from today!!! Wow that is going to go by way too fast.
Sarah isn't old enough to get married I have decided.
and Aubree has decided that too.
I go back to the doctor tomorrow. Yesterday on our way to church I didn't have to cover my face and I didn't cry while looking out the window!!! I really took that simple trip for granted! I hope my eyes are fixed.

Wow, this is a really random post.
I wish I had taken more pictures this weekend but I did not take any.
I am hopeing to finish up with my school work enough so that I can make it to the beach at least twice this week!

I am reading the Lineage of Grace again.
I wish I could live like Tamar. She was so brave and humble.
But I am so grateful for the wonderful husband I have been given. I think if my dad had to pick out my husband like they did back then, he would most def. pick Jake.

I think after having to write this stupid paper, I want to write as disordley as I can on my blog to make me feel better.

Well thats all my random posts for today! I will really try to take more pictures.


  1. I LOVE A Lineage of Grace. It is amazing how relatable it makes the stories in the Bible even more so than they already are. I love them!

  2. Let us know how the doctor goes! I'm worried about your eye balls! :)