Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Day After

Hello All,

I am sitting here watching my husband play some video games and enjoying the smell of some chicken taco chili filling up the house. Today Jake and I decided to put up our Christmas! It feels so warm and festive now! I ordered some Yankee candles (buy 2 get 2 free deal is still going on!) and can't wait for their scents to fill the house.
Yesterday was my birthday! I was sadly not looking forward to it because it was the first birthday I spent away from my family. It was the first birthday away from my other half, Sarah June. It is so hard to explain but when you know that you share another half, that a piece of you is walking around somewhere and you can't share the day of your birth together, it is sad. More than sad, it is depressing. But this is the first in 3 years I got to spend my birthday with Jake! I was pretty sure he had not planned anything so yesterday as I sat around the house alone, I began putting up Christmas. He was so excited to wake up yesterday and give me my birthday card! It was so precious to me. While he was at bootcamp, he would write the You are My Sunshine on all of his letters. My card was a snoopy card with a big sunshine on it and he wrote the song out to me again. Each time he writes me that song, all these emotions come up and so many memories appear. He left to go to work in his handsome uniform (Happy Birthday Marine Corps!) and I sat around the house. I decided to begin making my Thanksgiving grocery list and cooking schedual that morning.
I had asked Jake for this purse for my birthday/christmas/anniversary/Valentines. I knew...KNEW....I didn't need it. I have seen it and thought it was beautiful. So I told Jake. He says that it is too expensive but maybe later....with love :)
So I was happy with my card. And the fact that I got to wake up to his beautiful smiling face this morning.

As the day went on, I decided to Skype my family.
My dad bought me a gun.
I know. It is perfect. I suppose I will be getting my gun liscense soon with my sisters.

When Jake got home I was already sick from all the medicine being poured into my system from my eye medication (I'll inform you of this later on) and was hoping he was still going to take me to the Cheesecake Factory!
While he was changing from his fancy uniform, he asked me if I could go get his phone from the passenger seat of the truck. I said 'of course'.
I walked downstairs, opened the door and saw the most beautiful purse just sitting in the seat!!!
I RAN upstairs and jumped into his arms! His smile was just as big as mine! I had hoped for the purse but didn't really think he would buy it for me!!! I was so happy! We then get into the truck to go to the resturant when he asks me to get his wallet from the console. I opened up the door and there was this BEAUTIFUL wallet just laying there waiting to be picked up! I was completley suprised. I did not expect the purse! No way did I expect the wallet!!!!!

I literally just could not stop smelling the wonderful leather scent! Not to mention how smooth this purse is! Look at that classy little duck just perfectly arranged on this bag?!
We enjoyed a wonderful birthday dinner (thanks mom and dad ;) ) and had a great red velvet cheesecake (thanks Aubree).
Sarah suprised me with a Pier 1 gift card. She is wonderful.
I got a beautiful card and some ornaments from my wonderful in-laws (not to mention a FANTASTIC gift which I can do whatever I want with!)
I love my family.
Waikiki was beautiful last night. Everything was wrapped in Christmas lights and the weather was a little crisp!

NOW. let me show you some pictures of our decor!

Isn't he precious? For some reason his face reminded me of Burl Ives?

Shiny Brights :)


Beautiful Advent Calender momma made for me

My Candy Cane wreath
 I love how everything feels just like home!

So I mentioned earlier I am having to take medication for my eyes. Well, you may remember awhile back ago I had to go to the doctor for eye trouble. It was severe then and was supposed to be taken care of after 2 weeks of medication. A month and a half later, I still cannot go outside without balling my eyes out or just covering my face with my hands. I cannot wear my contacts unless I want bloodshot eyes. And...well thats basically it.
So I went back to the doctor Tuesday and had my eyes freaking puffed 13 times, more wooden sticks wrapped around my eyelids, more stains, and excrutiating lights shone into my eyes.
She said I have damaged corneas.
What it is is that the layer that protects my retina and cornea from UV rays is damaged by dry pockets. Hence the reason I can't go outside without great pain.
So I have to take this one medicine 4 times a day and this other medicine 6 times a day. The first medicine is this thick bitter vinegar sensation being poured into my eyes. Thats not the bad part. The bad part happens about 2 minutes later when it starts coming out my nose, drops down my throat and into my stomach.
Then I take the other medicine.


I go back next week to see what happens next.
Happy Birthday Emily!

At least my house looks pretty.
Oh and I have a wonderful husband that helps me put up Christmas on his day off and buys me purses that I don't need but really want

Well I have to go put some more medicine in my eyes.....
aren't you jealous?


  1. Happy belated birthday! That's so sweet he got you the purse. I know that must be hard being away from Sarah. The stocking looks great! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Happy late birthday sweet friend!! =) looks like you had a wonderfully special day!! hugs!!!