Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today I Love....

Today I Love... 

Sherlock Holmes

I have been seeing the advertisements all over Hulu Plus and I finally gave in and watched the first episode while Jake was away. 

Now, you may not know that I have a healthy love to BBC and British shows on my beloved PBS. I love my BBC Top Gear, Downton Abby, James May, any late Saturday night British Comedies and of course the Vicar. 

So I just sat down and pushed play.

Woah. Season 1 episode 1 completely won me over. I am not that passionate about many television shows but this is amazing. 
I love the plots, the twists, the turns, the S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E, the amazing amazing camera advantages, and the acting. Finally some great actors! I love it all. Not to mention Bilbo! 

Netflix and Hulu have both seasons 1 & 2 if your family is looking for a new great show! I warn you tho, each episode is approximately 1.5-2 hours long. But oh so worth it! 

So snuggle up with a big quilt, a cup of English Earl Grey, your favorite dog ( or spouse ) and let the excitement begin! 

You are in for a treat! 

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  1. ditto. I watch almost no TV, but this is a fantastic (addictive) series!