Friday, June 21, 2013


I just wanted to take a moment and brag on someone right now...

The funny thing is is that I do not even know his name!

This is a completely random story and a random page out of my life but it has been on my mind:

You see, ever since Jake has been gone I have been overconcerned about the condition of our yard. I know it is silly but I do not want to be the neighbor with the overgrown grass! There have already been 3 snakes in my yard and I am scared to death that if it gets too high that it will bite Copper. So I have asked my sweet father-in-law and my dad to take turns mowing the yard.
Before Jake left, he would mow every week but he would also mow our neighbors yard as well because we knew the owner lived out of town/nursing home situation and he thought it would be ok to just keep their yard up as well.
Last week while Sarah and I were on our way to go swim, my neighbor (who owns the little house no one lived in) was outside mowing my yard! I was so so happy and said thankyou!
Well when we got back home it looked so nice. The next day Copper and I were on our way to go for a walk when I saw him outside with his wife sprucing up the flower beds. I walked over and told him how thankful I was for him mowing my yard and that I was sorry that his yard had not been mowed for awhile because my husband was away with the military. He looked at me and said, "I do not want you to worry about your yard being mowed! I will mow it for you every week!!"
Well yesterday before mine and Cops evening walk I saw him outside mowing my yard again!! I mouthed a thankyou and when I returned he had even taked the trouble to mow my fenced in back yard. He had moved all of Copper toys and everything. I just felt like crying in happiness. I was so thankful.

Little things like a yard being mowed becomes big things when your husband is away for a long time. I am so thankful for this kind man for showing such a great kindness towards me and for helping Jake out as well. I also want to say thankyou ThankYou THANKYOU to my sweet father-in-law for helping me out in all the areas I need help with. He came over yesterday while I was at work just to play and wrestle with my sweet puppy! They know I hate leaving him alone all day! Jacque and my mom come over some days and takes him outside and just comes over to make sure he is doing ok. I am so blessed!

Thankyou daddy for weed-eating my yard and mowing as well!!! It was so very nice and I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have the family that I do who loves me and helps me!

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