Monday, June 17, 2013

Commit to Fit

At work, we were presented with a challenge a few weeks ago.
It is called Commit to Fit. It is a work program where the people in your organization commit to a program for 8 weeks that should lead to healthier lifestyles and life changes.

Since being back home my healthy lifestyle plummeted. I mean bad! Having a mom that cooks southern food and desserts each and every day is not good for someone trying real hard to stay on track!
I needed motivation and this program started it!
I had started my running again with my sweet cousin several weeks ago doing the C25k program. I had ran my first 5k in October but the way the race was handled really put me off or running them...(excuses, excuses I know).
But now I want to have that drive again like I did last summer in Kailua. And we are doing awesome! I really believe we could run one right now if we wanted to.

Anywase, with CtF. Each week we are presented with a week of challenges. The hardest week was def. number 1. It was a challenge to drink 96oz of water each day! I was good at drinking just 1 bottle! Man oh man has it changed everything!
The next week we had to eat smaller meals 5-6 times a day worth 200-300 calories each. It was so so easy and I never had the hunger feeling.

Well since starting this Commit to Fit challege I just feel healthier and more confident! So confident in fact that I chopped my hair completley off!
I just feel really good again and I am so happy!

Goodbye once again my dear friend, Pioneer Woman :(

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