Thursday, June 27, 2013

2nd Best Day of My Life

As many of you do know,
I have a very healthy love for a certain book series.
This book series is in no way satanic or demonic.
It is wonderfully scripted with entertaining characters that has become my friends.
This book series was read outloud in my family for years and had become a part of our life.
I am instantly connected with people who share this endearment with this series because I know exactly how they feel.

Harry Potter changed my life.

I love everything about it. EVERYTHING. I love the whole entire concept from book 1 to book 7. Each page was filled with such amazing stories that the page after that couldn't come fast enough. I felt like I was walking along Hagrid right with the other first years into Hogwarts that first day and walked (or flew, or disapparated, or powered, or transfigured, or rode) along with them throughout the next 6 books.
I love the relationships that were built between all the characters and I love how we got to know them each more personally as we grew older. Yes I am involving myself with them because I was the same age as the characters and grew up right along with them when the books came out! I love it. I know some people do not 'get it.' I know some people weren't allowed to read this series and I know people have a prejudice against the series. I honestly hurt for those people. I honestly do. You are really REALLY missing out.  You are missing out on all the quidditch matches flying right along with the Gryffindors. You are missing out with tasting the sweets from Hogsmeade. You are missing out on the feasts along the Great Hall, all those wonderful Potion Lessons, times when you can have explored the pensive, gone into the Forbidden Forrest, or fight a Death Eater! You are missing out on Neville Longbottum and Severus Snape for crying out loud! I tell you, it is such a magical series!

And Harry Potter World is such a magical place!

My sister, Chase, Jake, and I went last December and it was honestly the happiest (right behind my wedding day) time of my life.
In reality I walked the street of Hogsmeade and tasted the pumpkin juice and butter beer (not really beer btw). I ate at the Three Broomsticks, flew right along with Harry, Ron, and Heromoine around the castle, and joked along with others with Weasley Wizard Wheezes. We walked through the gates right when they opened and walked out while they were closing. There are tons of other attractions in the park but I wanted to soak up every moment of the Harry Potter experience as I could get.

The most precious time was when I recieved my wand.
Aubree and I stood in line for hours to go into Olivanders. We were so excited to have a wand choose the wizard. About an hour and a half after standing in line, one of the workers ( A slitheran...) told us that 1 out of each group was chosen. I looked in front of me and behind...there were tons of people around. I wanted to cry. I prayed earnestly that God would let me (sorry Aubree) be chosen to recieve a wand. We walked right in and marveled at the hundreds of boxes lining the walls. While we were in complete admiration, Mr. Olivander walked down the stairs and pointed right at Aubree and I. We were 12 years old all over again! We both had to say spells and work out the glitches with some wands until we finally found them
It was so completeley and utterly magical.
Freaking best day ever!
Not to mention the awesome rollercoaster ride in hogwarts around the castle that I may or may have not rode 3 different times.

If you ever get the chance to read the series, just do it. If you ever get the chance to go to Orlando Studios, just do it.
It will change your life.
For the better believe me!


  1. We will have to go with you guys one day! I can't wait to read them all to Harrison.