Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh My Goodness It Has Been Awhile...

Hello Everyone!

It has literally been 12 months since my last blog post.
Jake has requested that I start blogging again while he is away at training so I suppose I will give it a try!

Where to start??
I will begin with new jobs and a new family :)

Jake and I have almost been back home for a year. July 5th will mark our 1 year back home and boy what a year it has been. One of the highlights of this year is my precious huband enlisting in the Air National Guard.  HE LOVES IT. Probley one of the best decisions he could have made for our family. He is currently in San Antonio for a few months for his job schooling, hence why I am doing this again.
They treat him with respect there and they are very kind to our family. We are praying for a full-time position up at the 188th security forces when he returns. It would be so perfect for him. He is such a hard worker and so passionate about his work up there.

I on the other hand have worked a few jobs already while being back home. I worked at MDO at my church through the school year and fell in love with some beautiful children!
I have also signed on to be the wedding director at FBC and have helped with several weddings this past year. I LOVE IT!
I have also worked at UAFS for a semester as a guitar instructor with the Academy of the Arts program. Loved being involved with the school and loved teaching those willing to learn but unfortunatley that seemed to be 1 out 10 so....
I have also recently started working at UAFS in the SAO department and work each day.

Wow...that is a number of jobs not including working up at the Butcher Block 2 days a week before starting my new job at UAFS.

Also, we expanded our family this past December and welcomed home the most beautiful creature God could have ever created for us:

He is basically the most wonderful dog ever: His name is Copper.
He is perfect.
He is a little ornery.
He is 7 months old.
Weighs >60lbs
Likes to eat every plant in a 10 mile radius.
Completley and utterly beautiful.
Likes having his teeth brushed and hair combed.
LOVES Cornerstone Vet!!!
Likes to ride in the front of Jake's truck.
Likes to eat little birds, flies, and frogs.
Loves to walk around the pasture with his daddy.
Loves sleeping beside me with the fan on full blast.
Enjoys his bathtime.
Enjoys our walks.
Loves seeing his friend, Chief, over at Lolly and Pop's house.
Loves jumping on people ( trying to fix that....)
Loves swimming in ponds, creeks, ditches, mud holes, and swimming pools.
Loves chewing on anything.
Loves his Iams and
Most importantly loves his momma ;)

Ok, I could go on and on about this sweet creature but I guess I will stop for now.

Another new family addition in our household is little Forrest!!!
He is my nephew! Sarah and Brent found out they were having a baby in Febuary. We went on a family cruise right afterwards. What a celebration!

 This is her the week after we found out!
This is her now...still as beautiful as ever.
She is due October 3rd. Which is so perfect :)
She is in her second trimester and is sick everyday.
I have decided this baby will probley look just like me and will be with me always because he's practically my child as well ;)

They just bought their first house and it is so perfect for them!
We are so excited to welcome little Forrest (isn't that a perfect name) into our family! I cannot wait to hold him every single day and love on him always.

So there you have it! A basic overview of 2 new areas in our life!
I hope to blog more def. not promising anything but I will try!

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  1. Welcome Back! I loved the update and loved seeing all your pictures! BUT most of all I love seeing you back here in AR!