Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Hello everyone!

This weekend went by far too fast.
We went out to eat with a group of friends to Haliewa Joes for my friends birthday! We had a great time with them, we love hanging out with their family! I recieved one of my mom's care packages earlier that day and she sent me some AMAZING Aveeno products that I am in love with! She also sent Jake a HUGE jar of Nutella and sent me some fat free Omega rich peanut I had a piece of whole wheat bread with the Nutella on it and it made me soooooo sick. I am not going to go into the details. This past week has not been good for me. With the Pioneer Woman soup and this nutella. Ughh. So I will never have it again apparently. Thats the way my body works. If something makes me throw up, I tend to NEVER eat it again. Maybe even refuse to eat at the same resturant. I learned about this psychological situation and it is normal. But I guess after being on a diet for so long, your body can't handle certain foods without having a VERY nauseous reaction.
I'm so pathetic.
So I had a nice plain salad for dinner and a hot black coffee.

Saturday, we had to awake before sunrise to catch the beginning of the football game. When we watch the games, my family likes to Skype with one another. It makes it seem as if we are all together. I really enjoy those times.
We went to Ala Moana mall afterwards and tried to find me a new dress to wear to my sisters shower next Sunday but everything was WAY too expensive. :(
Jake got terribly sick later so we quickly came home and rested.
Today Jake's mouth was really sore again so we stayed home and I worked on finishing my...his stocking. I had decided not to do any of the sequins or beads for it but mom sent me some beading needles in the box so I thought I better put them to good use.
I am leaving Thursday night to go home for about a week! I am soooooo excited. My family is trying to plan a little vacation for mom's birthday. We love the Heart Stone Inn in Eureka Springs! It is so perfect for my family. Hopefully we can stay in the cabin and spend a couple of days all together! We love this Inn because each room as a different name and personality. I believe my parents has stayed in every room. I can't remember how many rooms I have stayed in..3 or 4 I believe. But it is so perfect. The owners are chefs and each morning they have a beautiful gourmet homemade breakfast prepared for us! Sigh.....

I am going to miss Jake SOO much. But I don't want to sound pathetic because it is only 10 days away. I hate hearing other women complaining about not being able to see there husbands for a little while. Too me now, anything under 3 months is NOT worthy of complaints.
Military living has made me into this non-sympathetic person......
But I will miss him. Being married to someone like Jake just makes you want to spend every moment of every day with them!
He's so.........absolutley......completley......

Well I am going to bed! We do tend to go to bed a little early here to many people's standards. Around 8-8:30 I head upstairs, run a warm bath with my Lavender bubble bath, and then wrap up in a quilt, maybe read a good book (anything by Dianna Wynn Jones) and watch As Time Goes By.
Jake and I always go to bed together. That's just another wonderful thing I love about him. When I am ready to go to bed, he often puts down the controller, turns off the tv, stops anything he is doing just so I don't have to go upstairs alone.
I 'sounds' pathetic but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Sadly, one day I realize he won't really want to spend each second with me but right now I am soaking it up! Once you spend endless nights only hoping for a phone call to tell each other goodnight/good don't EVER want to take nights/morning/afternoons/evenings together for granted.

SO on that note...goodnight!

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