Friday, October 21, 2011


It has been 2 weeks since I last posted on anything. While I was home, I was way too busy to blog and didn't want to miss one second being away from my family.
I had such a great time.
We went to Eureka Springs and ate at the Rogue Manor. It was so wonderful. My mom, Aubree, and I almost died after eating so many wonderful ribs....

I have such a wonderful and beautiful family

my sisters and I at our favorite store in Eureka Springs: Something Simple
 We stayed the night there and the next day went antiquing and drove through the most beautiful landscape in all of Arkansas. The fall colors were in full bloom!
Went and ran around the Promenade in Rogers, ate at MiMi's and had such a DELICIOUS muffin and then went to Masons where I got a pair of Seven's that I'm supposed to be forgetting about because they are for Christmas but I can't forget about them because they are absolutley beautiful....
sorry mom...
We celebrated mom's birthday Wednesday and it was so great to all be together. She ended up buying this beautiful pyrex collection
except she got a few more pieces...

I got to be there for little Brooks birthday! He is absolutly precious!
We took the Wolfe's family pictures last Sunday and let me just say once again how beautiful that family is.

Such a happy, blessed, and beautiful family!

Baby Brooks ..... Awww

So perfect...

Let me just say that I would love to have a baby right now. I just wish I was a little closer to home. Also, everytime I held him I desperatly missed little Brock and have cried today after seeing how big that little boy has gotten.
While I was away, my husband found a truck. A very beautful LARGE truck. I can't see over the hood while driving it but that may be normal....

I will take more pictures of it this weekend. I think we may go for a little drive. I have yet to really look at it seeing as how my husband takes it to work every day and leaves his poor motorcycle just sitting in the garage. All 56 mpg of it.....

I also had Sarah's Wedding Shower at FBC!
We had such a great time and I was so excited for her and all her wonderful gifts. People are so very kind to our family!

My mom took me to Hobby Lobby and we had a field day just picking out Christmas ornaments and decorations for my home here. We also got all the supplies to make a Harvest tree! I'll have to take pictures later. I finally convinced Jake that its not a Christmas tree...its a fall Harvest tree ;)
Mom introduced me to Shiny Brights which look just like the Christmas ornaments my memaw had on her tree!

I officially hate school. With every ounce in my entire being. I hate that it makes me not be able to sleep at night because I am filled to the rim with anxiety and worry and I hate that the teachers expect you to keep every book you buy throughout your college expierence and not sell them back and then expect you to have all those books handy in order for you to write a 15 page paper over your last 2 years of school. I hate school. I hate it.
I also hate that i have to go down to the homeless shelter and seem like a complete jerk because I CANNOT volunteer (against class assignments) and just do 'research' on the facility. People there think I am so rude and it probley looks that way. I hate my last 8 weeks of college.

Any other news.....
I have to go to homework.

I will hopefully update in more detail later.
If I already haven't died from extreme anxiety and malhomeworkogen....its a disease .... for real


  1. I love keeping up with your blog! I wish I could have seen you more while you were here! Your family is very precious to us!!

  2. =) great post. It was SOOOOOO good to hug your neck! I miss having you home so much! Keep your chin up on the homework! It'll all be over with soon!! =) (probably not soon enough but there IS a light at the end of that tunnel!) Hugs my friend! Love you.