Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap!!

This past weekend was so wonderful! Friday night we went out to Walmart to by some storage containers so I can have a place to store all of my Christmas decorations instead of piling them up in the random corner/outlet in our frontroom. I LOVE how our Harvest tree looks in the house. It brightens up the entire downstairs and I don't ever want to take it down.
Saturday we woke up bright and early (6 AM) to watch the Razorback game. We skyped with Aubree and Linus and enjoyed the morning cheering on the Hogs. Right afterwards, we went on a beautiful drive down towards the North Shore of the island. We don't ever go down towards that end because it takes about an hour or so to get there and that uses gas. BUT, Jake was really excited all week to take me out to his 'surprise' and I was really excited about getting to ride in our new truck!

This is China Man's Hat

Beautiful clear water

I just randomly was taking pictures along our drive...

Arriving at the Cliff Point where my husband feels the need to go to the very edge...

Getting a little closer to the edge.... notice how far away I am in all these pictures.

They had some Hawaiin ancient legend about this once being a great lizard....hmmm


The fisherman had there long poles set up for some fish

Jake's checking them out. They had little bells on them and they started jingling when a fish was caught

Caught him getting sprayed by the ocean wave

The man in the white almost died...i'll write more about him later

Trying to get some "Chevy Runs Deep" photographs. haha

Needless to say we had an amazing day! After that we went home and had some leftover chicken penne (Pioneer Woman....) and watched tv and cleaned.
The man in the white shirt was trying to scoop up some water on the edge of the cliff, tripped, and would have fell of the cliff and died if it wasn't for that man next to him who grabbed and saved him. I was really surprised I didn't scream. Jake stood there and took a picture of it....

Sunday morning we woke up and went to a new church out in Kaneohe. One of Jake's friends has been wanting to get back into church and Jake took him out to this church last Sunday while I was back in Arkansas and the guy really enjoyed it. We went back yesterday and it was pretty good. It isn't a Baptist church so I am a little scared about the differences in beliefs. It is a non-denominational church. We came back home and had the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast and her creamy mash potatoes! YUMMM. My house smelt SO good! We then went to Lanikai Juice for some organic smoothies, drove over to Kailua beach and put the tailgate down and sat and watched the ocean. It was so romantic and ALL JAKES IDEA! :)
Weight Watcher meals are coming back to the house this week....well half and half....
I go back to my book club tonight. I have been a little offended by some of the things that the author keeps talking about as the duties of wives but I understand that there are going to be things I don't agree with.
I have a precious little girl fast asleep in the next room I need to go wake up to take her back home so I am going to get off of here for now. I will post soon about my Harvest Tree!!

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