Thursday, January 2, 2014

Copper's First Year

While looking through some pictures on Instagram I wanted to do a post on Coppers first year!
Wow. What a year with our Copper. I cannot even begin to write and express the joy and love he has brought to Jake and I.
Copper loves his tennis balls. 

Seriously. So loving. 

Our movie buddy. 

Best passenger ever!

Shooting days out at the farm.

Copper loves our morning walks!
This is the first day we brought our Copper home

Loving our Jake while he was away.

His 'toddler' stage.

No way did he use to fit into this tiny toy basket!

Yes, we did have to buy him a horse trough for his swimming area.

Us camping on our anniversary. Best little Camper I know.

Still believes he is a puppy.


He still loves that place next to the fire. 
Woah what a year. If you are considering buying a dog I highly recommend it! However, if you are unable to give them lots and lots of love and time then please reconsider. It absolutely breaks my heart when I see dogs chained outside or being left outside and never ever seeing their owners. Never being loved on and held.

Sorry pictures aren't in order!
I cannot wait to make more memories with him in 2014!

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