Thursday, June 28, 2012

Motivation where did you go!?

Ugh. You guys I have no motivation! Its been over a week since my last run....
and it really was such a good run 2.5 miles! Plus 2 on the bike and another mile walked.

It has just been so hectic and stress-filled.
Jake and I have been going walking every other night instead because he is borrowing an awesome bike so he rides while I walk beside him. We walked to this super nice park and then to the beach one night and just listened to the waves. It was pitch black and really serene. I am really going to miss that smell and sound.

I leave a week from today!!
7 more days in Hawaii!! I am so ready to leave tho. We will be spending the 4th of July with the Pantlings. They are having a cookout and there will be a show on the Harbor. It will be wonderful.

I am sitting here watching Aubree and Linus on Skype and listening to all the different military members here at Starbucks. There are men from Australia and Canada in front of me and I am enjoying there accents.

Jake and I got our truck sent off! Whew, one more thing that is marked off. Excitingly tho, that was the second to last thing that was to be marked off....

We are borrowing a truck from the Pantlings so we are able to still go around the towns and enjoy our last week.

I better go, just thought I would do a little update. It is getting a little distracting in here so I'm not sure how this post is sounding. Sorry! I was never good with distracting environments ;)

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